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Become a Certified Yoga Trainer in 21 days!! 200 Hours
Multistyle TTC in Goa, India

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200 Hour Multi Style Yoga Training in India Goa

Vimoksha Yoga’s 200 Hours Multi Style Yoga Teacher Training Course (TTC) is offered by a team of experienced teachers. In our Multi Style TTC, we teach several modules of yoga and these include Hatha yoga, Vinyasa yoga (dynamic flow), Yin yoga and also emphasize on therapeutic aspect of yoga, so that students who are suffering from disease can join us for their own benefits and also be able to help others.

The course is comprehensively designed to give students the opportunity to explore the type of yoga that best suits their style. It allows students to broaden their practice and understanding by studying both Hatha & Vinyasa flow giving the student an opportunity to choose a yoga style that resonates most with their natural teaching style. You can also experience how the different practices work in harmony with your body and mind.

Yoga Vimoksha offers the Internationally Certified Yoga Alliance Professionals Yoga Teacher Training Certification at our Yoga School location at the Beach House – Goa, a wellness retreat centre on Sernabatim Beach, South Goa, India.

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Our 200 Hrs Multi Style Yoga Teacher Training Course Offers


Traditional Hatha Yoga

  • Learn asanas in a traditional Indian Method
  • Hatha Yoga 90 Plus postures and its Variations
  • Pranayama (breathing techniques), Bandhas (Yogic locked) and Yogic Shatkarmas / Kriyaa (cleansing techniques).
  • Yoga philosophy (eight Limbs of Ashtanga-yoga) with Patanjali Yoga Sutra.
  • Introduction of chakras, nadis& Mudras.


Vinyasa Flow Yoga

  • Learning to create your own gentle vinyasa sequence and intermediate sequences
  • Learn how to adjust the students
  • Learn how to modify the difficult poses
  • Use of yoga props like block, strap & wall in your yoga practice.
  • Teaching practicum.


Yin Yoga

  • Yin yang theory
  • Yin yoga meridian opening practice
  • Heal your body and calm your mind


Partner Yoga

  • Partner yoga practice
  • Introduction to the basics of acro yoga: base, flyer, spotter


Anatomy & Ayurveda

  • Anatomy, Physiology and physical, mental and spiritual benefits of yoga.
  • Learn the basics of Ayurveda: principals and theory
  • Body constitutions: 3 doshas
  • Relation between Ayurveda and Yoga



  • Tibetian Bowl Meditation
  • Yoga nidra
  • Chakra Meditation
  • Soham Meditation
  • Trataka (candle light meditation)

06.30 – 08.00 Asana Practice
09.30-10-15 Breakfast
10.15 – 10.45 Karma Yoga
11.00 – 13.00 Asanas Adjustments and Techniques/ Asanas Theory/Teaching Methodology
13.00 – 14.00 Lunch & Study Break
14.30 – 16.00 Yoga Philosophy/Anatomy
17.00 – 18.30 Asana Practice
18.30 Trataka Practice (Alternate Day)
  • 1st week Morning & Evening asana classes focus on Hatha Yoga
  • 2snd week Morning & Evening asana classes focus on Vinyasa Flow (Dynamic)
  • 3rd week on Morning Class on Hatha & Evening class in Yin Yoga, Partner Yoga and Yogic management of common disease like back pain, high blood pressure, diabetes.


  • Minimum 2 Years yoga practitioner only apply for YTTC course
  • Those who are really serious to do YTTC or self-practice only apply for YTTC.
  • YTTC is not for broken bones or serious medical issues.
  • YTTC is not for leisure purpose.

Objective of the course

  • To give students and opportunity to Reflect and Experience Yoga “A Way of Life” and not just merely a practice done for some hours in a day.
  • To motivate the students to become good Yoga Sadhaka (Practitioner) and guiding them on to the path of Yoga that brings transformation and not simply a change.
  • To help students acquire a Sound Body, a Superior Mind and a Higher Spiritual Consciousness.
  • To train students and transform them into well trained Yoga Teachers with an ability to go into the world and teach all levels and abilities.
  • To develop the overall personality of the students.
  • To motivate students to take up teaching YOGA as a profession.
Month Course Dates
August , 2019 02nd August – 22nd August, 2019
September , 2019 02nd September – 22nd September, 2019
October , 2019 02nd October – 22nd October, 2019
November , 2019 02nd November – 22nd November, 2019
December , 2019 02nd December – 22nd December, 2019
January, 2020 2nd Jan – 22nd Jan 2020
February, 2020 2nd Feb – 22nd Feb 2020
March, 2020 2nd March – 22nd March 2020
April, 2020 2nd April – 22nd April 2020
May, 2020 2nd May – 12nd May 2020
June, 2020 2nd June – 22nd June 2020

Accommodation Options


Camping (Seasonal)


Basic accommodation (Very close to the school, walking distance)


Standard Accommodation (Very close to the school, walking distance)

Our Training Venue


Yoga Vimoksha @ The BeachHouse

The Beach House Goa is situated on the secluded beautiful sands of Sernabatim Beach and offers Various of Yoga Teacher Training Courses. The boutique resort is located 25kms from the Goa International airport, providing the perfect backdrop for tranquillity and peace.

Course Fee Package

Option 1

Course Fee Only
$ 850
  • Course Material
  • Certification
  • Free Wifi
  • Airport Pickup & Drop $50
  • Meals: $250 – (Sunday excluded)
  • Discount in Spa

Option 2

Course Fee + Camping per Person
$ 1,100
  • Course Material
  • Certification
  • Free Wifi
  • Airport Pickup & Drop $50
  • Meals: $250 – (Sunday excluded)
  • Discount in Spa
  • Half Day Sightseeing

Option 3

Course Fee + Basic Accommodation (Close by from school
$ 1540/ Single$ 1240/ Twin Sharing
  • Course Material
  • Certification
  • Free Wifi
  • Airport Pickup & Drop $50
  • Meals: $250 – (Sunday excluded)
  • Discount in Spa
  • Half Day Sightseeing

Option 4

Course Fee +Standard Accommodation (Close by from the school) Subject to availability, Inquire to find out more
$ 1780 / Single$ 1420/ Twin Sharing
  • Course Material
  • Certification
  • Free Wifi
  • Airport Pickup & Drop $50
  • Meals: $250 – (Sunday excluded)
  • 2 Massage Complimentary
  • Half Day Sightseeing
Success Stories & Testimonials
“I have really enjoyed Yoga Vimoksha. I feel the Yoga teachers complement each other well bringing something different to each lesson. They have inspired me and I have learnt a lot from them. I thank my teachers for my time there and all they have taught me in such a short time.”
“Food was lovely and varied. I have met some lovely people; all the tutors have been very considerate with excellent teaching. I know that this experience is the beginning of my journey and I still have a lot to achieve. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I will treasure this 3 weeks of learning and I also thank all my classmates. Thank you once again.”
“Beautiful resort with very good accommodation facilities and the food was fantastic. The level of construction of the course was of a very high and inspirational level with lots of practical and spiritual lessons to learn. The yoga teacher was inspirational not just as a yoga practitioner but also a person.”
“The overall experience has been positive. I liked the place and the accommodation. The teachers were well prepared, kind and ready to help and also to make our time pleasant. The staff of the resort, from the housekeepers to the waiters, has provided a good service with kindness and politeness. Good structure of the overall course, with useful and interesting material provided by the study books. It was nice to receive at the beginning the bag and the neti pot.”