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Why Choose Us

Reasons to Choose Us!

Accreditation—that allows you to teach anywhere in the world

Yoga Vimoksha is one of the few schools in India to be accredited by Yoga Alliance USA, Yoga Professional UK, Yoga Alliance Australia & Yoga Alliance International.

Location—that allows for deep introspection & enhanced clarity

Situated on the serene, silent beach of Sernabatim provides a peaceful location for practise of yoga.  The yoga deck facing the Arabian Sea can be experienced during the evening Sunset yoga.

Teachers—willing to share and build knowledge of the students

All highly experienced teachers are well versed in English & different styles of yoga with

individual specialisations as well.

Course Curriculum—that is comprehensive and upto date with current trends

A detailed well organised course curriculum & content helps our students to deepen, develop &

expand their understanding of self.


Availability—so you can choose a convenient time

We have course available all-round the year so that you can choose your month of convenience to increase your knowledge on yoga.

Small world—where you get continual support

With students from around the world, Yoga Vimoksha is a small world with immense knowledge sharing base in Yoga, Ayurveda & contemporary sciences.