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  • I have really enjoyed Yoga Vimoksha. I feel the Yoga teachers complement each other well bringing something different to each lesson. They have inspired me and I have learnt a lot from them. I thank my teachers for my time there and all they have taught me in such a short time.

  • The staff and food were always incredible. I think I gained a lot of knowledge and overall loved my experience.

  • Food was lovely and varied. I have met some lovely people; all the tutors have been very considerate with excellent teaching. I know that this experience is the beginning of my journey and I still have a lot to achieve. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I will treasure this 3 weeks of learning and I also thank all my classmates. Thank you once again.

  • Beautiful resort with very good accommodation facilities and the food was fantastic. The level of construction of the course was of a very high and inspirational level with lots of practical and spiritual lessons to learn. The yoga teacher was inspirational not just as a yoga practitioner but also a person.

  • Enjoyed the entire experience, accommodation is nice. The massages were good. The Yoga teachers were fantastic, fun and professional.

  • The overall experience has been positive. I liked the place and the accommodation. The teachers were well prepared, kind and ready to help and also to make our time pleasant. The staff of the resort, from the housekeepers to the waiters, has provided a good service with kindness and politeness. Good structure of the overall course, with useful and interesting material provided by the study books. It was nice to receive at the beginning the bag and the neti pot.

  • Thank you for the great time here! I enjoyed very much! The food was amazing. I’ve never missed sugar and coffee! I thought it would be a very hard challenge to get off it but you made it easy for me with your delicious food. The course was really good. I have learned so much and I made good progress in the postures. We learned so much in such a short time! Our English also became better day by day. The staff was also so nice, friendly and helpful. I thank you so much for this great experience.

  • I had a great time, learned a lot and got good vibes from everybody. The staff is literally amazing! Everyone seems so loving and caring and it feels like they really enjoy their work, it felt like home! The food was a million times delicious! We celebrated everyday when the food arrived Thank you so much for giving me this experience! I will definitely come back to do my next teachers training! Love you all.

  • Overall experience, including the location, was amazing. Great people and great course. The food was delicious and I especially loved the porridges for breakfast. The teachers were enthusiastic and motivating.

  • I want to say thank you for the great time. We learned a lot! The service and the people here are amazing! The food was super good everyday! The teachers are amazing; everyone is different and taught us a lot in their own way. Thank you that we could use all the property and you took so good care of us. The doctors were also good. We will come back and I would love to take the 300 hour course here as well.

  • I completed the Yoga Alliance 200-hour yoga teacher training course in July, 2016 and it was everything I had imagined it would be! The staff were absolutely wonderful. Whenever I had a health concern, from mosquito bites to stomach upset, a doctor was readily available and staff members were there to provide neem, Ayurvedic medicines, and fresh aloe vera from the garden.

    The YTTC instructors were excellent, each in his own way. One instructor provided amazing vinyasa flow classes; it is because of him that after only a couple of weeks I had mastered advanced yoga poses that I had never even dreamed of attempting. Another instructor was a philosophy expert who helped us understand the concepts through stories he had learned in his childhood. Yet another teacher exemplified discipline, compassion and wisdom both in and out of class.

    Diana K200 hrs YTTC July 2016
  • Went here to do my Yoga Teacher Training and I loved it. The accommodation is great, the staff is friendly and the teachers help you to develop your yoga even more then you thought was possible!!

    Louise O200 hrs YTTC July 2016
  • I had amazing experience. The rooms were lovely and cleaned everyday. The teachers were amazing. I got a lot of knowledge about yoga. The hotel staff were very helpful and room service was great.

    Oksana F200 hrs YTTC July 2016
  • Overall my experience at Vimoksha was positive. I am very grateful for the hospitality provided to me. Food was delicious and prepared with great care. Accommodation was really clean and presentable. The lecturers were full of knowledge. I really enjoyed listening to their lessons and learning from them.

    Katrina K200 hrs YTTC June 2016
  • I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience here & I have no complaints whatsoever about the food & accommodation.

    Christina Bone200 hrs YTTC June 2016
  • Amazing! I thoroughly enjoyed the course. It was very enlightening and challenging in a positive way. The staff are absolute gems, their bright smiles and patience & helpfulness really created a home like feeling. The sattvic  food was yummy & the accommodation gorgeous. All instructors were approachable, friendly & knowledgeable.

    Angelica Manlangit200 hr YTTC June 2016
  • I completed my 200 hour YTTC at Yoga Vimoksha in March 2016. Located on the edge of the Bhagwan National Park it wasn't unusual to see an abundance of wildlife around the resort.The staff at the Farm House are friendly and accommodating and will go out of their way to help you. The rooms are lovely and the food is divine. The course itself was fantastic, it is incredible to be immersed in the teaching of Yoga, especially the philosophy in its motherland. I noticed such a difference in my strength and flexibility, this intense period has been invaluable to my personal practice! The course teachers are amazing and have different methods and approaches to their classes, this helps to develop you into a well rounded teacher with an understanding of different styles and how you would want to practically apply them. I was recommended this course by a friend and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to friends in the future. A great experience!

    Holly RooneyUK, 200 hr YTTC March 2016 batch
  • Fantastic experience at Yoga Vimoksha! Very good teachers and trainers, learnt so much in the 4 week 200hr course! Well worth the time and visit. Location is beautiful, in the heart of Goa surrounded by beautiful nature and lovely people.

    Oliver MeatonUAE, 200 hr YTTC February 2016 batch
  • The Yoga training course was an enlightening experience, coming from Peru, the course helped me understand and live the principles of Yoga.

    Mariana PoncePeruvian, 200 hr YTTC
  • tiina-rasmussen27oct14-yoga200hrs--225x300

    The Training at Yoga Vimoksha has helped me to become a better Yoga practitioner and enable others to train and understand the benefits of Yoga.

    TiinaNorwegian, 500 hr YTTC August/September 2014 batch
  • The 500 hr course had a rigorous schedule and helped me in disciplining myself and becoming a better student of Yoga.

    Andreas Norwegian, 500 hr YTTC August/September 2014 batch
  • As a student of Yoga, I achieved more than I could have ever imagined through the Yoga training course. The settings are idea in the forest with natural surroundings, the staff very helpful and above all the Yoga teachers very knowledgeable and practical.

    Salony SetyaUS citizen, 200 hr YTTC January 2015 batch
  • Other Students Reviews

    The Yoga Training Course was an experience of a lifetime. The opportunity to learn from well trained Yoga teachers and understanding the different aspects of Yoga was enlightening.

    Natalia NorkoPolish citizen, 200 hr YTTC January 2015 batch
  • sofia-certification-300x225 During my time under the tutoriage with Reejo, Vinay and Neeraj they all made me feel very welcome. I was worried as I was alone, but they were very calm and welcoming environment for me to learn. I had already studied yoga previously for three to four years, but very quickly I realized that my knowledge had large gaps.

    Under Vinay's tutor-age, I've started to truly understand the yogi way of life. He guided me to see the true potential and strength in one's character which living this way can bring. His way of teaching was inspiring to me because he didn't just teach me postures, but the spiritual trueness of being a yogi. He always made himself accessible to me so that if I had any questions he was available to answer them, whether he was here or in the jungle.

    Reejo's lessons really challenged me physically and pushed my boundaries to make me more flexible that I ever imagined was possible. This came as a shocked to me, as I'd never pushed myself so hard before and although it was hard at the beginning, the end results were very fulfilling. Even though he pushed me to my limits , his lessons always had an element of fun, which I will try to adopt when teaching myself.

    Although I only had a couple of lessons with Neeraji, I still learn a lot from our time together. His patients and approach to yoga is very inspiring. He showed me that yoga isn't simply about postures and building muscles, but can be used to great benefit to improve the lives all elderly and disabled people. I hope to learn from him again in the future.

    I think the teaching staff at the Yoga Vimoksha has a perfect blend of mental, physical and spiritual attributes. Each teacher brings there own unique style, which meant I covered all element of yoga to a fantastic level.

    Completing the 200 hour teacher training course, has been a life changing experience for me - one that has enriched my life more than I could have ever imagined. All the staff and teachers have made this possible and has inspired me to be a better person. I hope in the future to impart some of their wisdom on my own students.

    Sofia CsernaHungarian, 200 hr YTTC November 2014 batch
  • Yoga-Vimoksha-Teacher-Training-300x225 (1)

    Hello to everyone!

    Thanks you to every body for your kindness and your professionalism who makes me feeling at home in Beach House! And as you know this second stay with you was very special offering to me the chance to realise my dream and the first step of my new life like yoga teacher!

    I'm feeling so grateful and humble entering in the sacred worlds of yoga...I'm considering myself more like student than teacher but of course I will learn more and more practicing, teaching as often as possible. ..normally starting right now already at Aix en Provence with group of friends of my friend leaving there who want yoga class....im french! But I'm planing to give class in English and spanish ... and German also!!

    So next time I'm coming I should be able to be multilingual yoga teacher;)

    Special thanks to Vinay who suggested to me the first to do the training with you, to Grace to understand me so well and to obtain for me so good opportunity, to Prince to accept it and to the all staff for their skills and their kindness.

    And of course especially to Reejo who taught me almost everything spending so much time with me sharing his knowledge and theirs skills with art and efficacity !

    I wish you all the best for each of you and for the success of your Yoga Academy!

    Look forward to get the website to send it to all my friends who already asked to me and are waiting for it!

    Delphine RotfusFrench, 200 hr YTTC