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Transformational Yoga

Retreat Content No. of Days Single Double Sharing
Transformational Yoga
  • Transformational Yoga program is designed for an over all healing of Physical, Mental, Pranic and Psychic body within us
  • Hatha yoga is an integral part of trasformational yoga for physical upliftment
  • Kundalini discussion and importance of serpentine energy
  • Chakra healing and relaxing techiniques
  • Yoga nidra and guided meditation
  • Discussion on types of bodies and ways to work on them
  • Discussion on pollution of bodies and tools to detox them
  • Mantra chanting and kundalini meditation
  • Theory to transform 360 degree and filter the impurities from all perspective
5N/6D GBP 480 GBP 400 per Person

Transformational Meditation

Retreat Content No. of Days Single Double Sharing
Transformational Meditation
  • Wholistic meditation program designed for Beginners, intermediate and advanced practitioners to transform mental, pranic and psychic mind
  • Combination of meditation techniques to enhance trans experience, revitalize the mind and experiencing the higher bliss
  • A system designed to transcend from Body to mind to self and for experiencing the journey to enlightenment
  • A 360 degree approach working on Mind, Body, Psychic sense, Chakras of body and pranic flow
  • Meditation technique as Trataka preparing your Intution power, Clearing emotions, opening third eye and many other physical benefits
  • Chakra healing and relaxing techniques to awaken the astral body and witnessing the benefits as a result
  • Techniques like Nadanusandhana, Yoga nidra, Mind sound resonance t, Om meditation to heal and activate your physical, mental, intellectual, pranic and bliss body
  • A systematic approach and a journey to experience the higher self, enrich life and to the view the world with a transformed soul
  • Basket of methods to meditate and build magnetic aura to attract the best of universe and be cosmically one
5N/6D GBP 400 GBP 240 Per Person

Yoga Therapy

Retreat Content No. of Days Single Double Sharing
Yoga Therapy
  • Yoga Therapy – A method designed based on the philosophy of human body having self healing power
  • Yogic asanas, pranayama -Breathing techniques and meditation methods systematically designed to arrest Physical, mental and psycological abnormalities and diseases
  • Disease specific asanas focusing on plethora of illness in body are being taught
  • Yogic cleansing techniques as add on benefit for the practitioners to work on their physical issues
  • Meditational roadmap is showcased to experience the supreme self and bliss
  • Yoga therapy – A system built to work on Physical, Physiological and Psycological Chakra’s of our body
  • A wholistic program that also focuses on lifestyle and diet related discussion to support physical and mental healing
  • One on one attention and approach by the coach focusing on illness and practitioners flexibility at the same time
5N/6D GBP 400 GBP 240 Per Person