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Yoga Premises on Rent

Yoga Vimoksha offers its prime space located at Mollem Forest near the Dudhsagar Waterfalls on rent for yoga trainings, camps and yoga related activities. Located in the midst of nature, the Yoga Vimoksha Centre comprises of 30 furnished tents and 30 furnished rooms. The Centre also offers an indoor (Covered) and an open air Yoga floor.

If you and your group want to conduct a Yoga retreat or a training in a natural settings, then Yoga Vimoksha Goa provides the perfect natural experience. Besides huge indoor and outdoor Yoga floors, Yoga Vimoksha also has 20 aesthetically designed tents and rooms to provide all of the guests requirements. Meals are prepared at the location and can be catered to the various requirements of the guests. Located in the Mollem Forest area, Yoga Vimoksha offers you a natural surroundings in the midst of nature to conduct your retreats or yoga training.

Yoga Vimoksha offers a series of benefits to you when conducting your Yoga Retreat or Training at our locations

  • Free Accommodation for Group leaders for groups of 10 or more
  • Choice of locations to conduct yoga training ranging from open air yoga floor, covered yoga floor, Garden yoga and yoga by the pool
  • Well furnished rooms and aesthetically designed tents which allow you to live in the midst of nature
  • Meals prepared at our inhouse kitchen depending on your requirements
  • Vast empty areas in the midst of trees and flowering plants, ideal for meditation.
  • Use of spa, sauna and swimming pool
  • Assistance with planning, logistics and transportation

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Please contact marketing@yogavimoksha.com for additional information and to book your group retreat.