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10 Things to do after becoming a Yoga Teacher

Feb 07, 2018 by yogavimoksha Category: Blog 0 comments

There are many things you need to do before pursuing your dream of becoming a full-time yoga teacher. While all of them can’t be listed, here are the top ten things to do to get you started.

  1.    Do not quit your day job: The thought of becoming a full-time yoga teacher might sound impressive but don’t fall for that idea so quickly. Initially, start by becoming a part-time yoga teacher in studios by offering assistance, this is a great way to gain classroom experience.  Use this opportunity to learn from the yoga instructor conducting the class about class management and working with different students. Walk up towards your dream of becoming a full-time instructor slowly and never give up hope in the process.
  2.    Build a good resume: You might think why a yoga instructor would need a resume? The reason is just like any other job, having a resume lets you show your background in few sheets. Include all the information about your training schools, the classes you took and the places you worked at earlier.
  3.    Market yourself:Everyone today needs business cards and a website. Just like your resume, it may initially start out simple, but will develop over time as your teaching experience grows. Don’t forget about social media! In this digital age, having a social presence is critical.
  4.  Decide what price you wish to charge: Even if you are just starting out, it is essential to charge a minimal fee for instruction. While deciding the amount you need to keep factors like geographic area, associated costs, and your revenue needs, in mind. Overtime as you will gain more experience, you can increase your pricing structure as well.
  5.  Develop good professional contacts:When you start your journey as an instructor, assisting at different classes, meeting yoga studio owners and fellow teachers, you are developing professional relationships. One thing to keep in mind is to make a list of all the people you meet.  These networks will help pave the way for your future and help you stayed updated with the industry trends.
  6.    Conduct yoga classes on a regular basis:Even while you look for a teaching opportunity at a yoga studio, make sure you are teaching on a regular basis, even if it is on a small scale. The quote,’ Practice makes perfect’ stands true in all careers.  Try teaching at a local community center or donate time at a nearby senior citizen residence. Start developing your classroom approach.
  7.    Seek constructive criticism:Be open to honest feedback from your friends and family. Use this to improve your approach, and this will also give you an understanding of how everyone has different physical limitations. Get in the habit of recording yourself while conducting classes; this will help you to understand if you sound calm or if you are giving out the right instructions. Monitoring your self is the best way to secure feedback.
  8. 8.  Keep your accounts in check:Since you are trying to develop a business, it is vital to keep a check on the legal aspects. Talk to an accountant or other tax professionals that will guide you properly establish yourself and your business right from the very beginning.
  9.    Acquire yoga liability insurance:We don’t often hear about people getting injured during yoga sessions, but it is essential to be protected.  Purchase a yoga liability insurance and also keep in mind to have proof of the liability insurance when applying for yoga teaching positions.
  10.   Don’t stop your practice: Getting into a business model can be quite tedious, but you have to make sure to keep developing own training as well. Believe in continuously learning and pushing your abilities. Because when you get into this mindset and practice it, you will not only become a better student but a better teacher too.

Completing your yoga teacher training has to lead you towards to the first step of the ladder you have to climb to fulfill your dream of becoming a yoga teacher and perhaps owning your studio. If you still have not taken a Yoga Teacher Training, do take a 200hr multi-style YTTC course at Goa and be a professional yoga trainer.

Remember that there are few steps you need to take to have a successful business. Purchasing yoga insurance, continuing to learn more by taking classes or attending workshops, and building a network may not feel very “yoga-like,” but they are essential to making a successful business.

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