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Hatha Yoga by Yoga Vimoksha

Aug 16, 2016 by Administrator Category: Blog 982 comments Tags: Hatha Yoga, Yoga Vimoksha

Hatha yoga is also called Hatha Vidya, as a part of Hindu origin, Hindu tradition believes that Lord Shiva himself is the founder of hatha yoga. In the 20th century, hatha yoga, particularly asanas (the physical postures), became popular throughout the world as physical exercises, and is now termed as “YOGA”.

Yoga Alliance International Certification

Aug 16, 2016 by Administrator Category: Blog 3701 comments

Vimoksha Yoga offers a 01 month, 200-hour yoga teacher training certification. All of our teacher trainings are based in the Ashtanga Yoga system, a classical yoga practice. We follow Sivananda Hatha Yoga style and the Iyengar style as well. We believe yoga instructors should be knowledgeable about prominent contemporary styles of yoga and for that […]